Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The most notable Special Weapons in Video Games!


   In a previous post I made a list of special gadgets that help the hero in his missions, now it’s time to talk about those special weapons that make the difference in battles thanks to their incredible power or utility.
   Here is a list of rather strange but overpowered weapons that give players the edge on the battlefield and help them survive for the next fight, most of them also give you the power to kick your friends’ ass in multiplayer matches.

HandCannon – Resident Evil 4
   Handcannon is a magnum revolver from Resident Evil 4, which has to be unlocked by completing a mini-game with perfect score then bought in game in order to be useable.
   The gun is the size of a shotgun, fires .50 cal rounds and is the strongest weapon in the entire game with the power to one shot most of the enemies. 

Redeemer – Unreal Tournament Series
   The Redeemer is a thermonuclear rocket launcher (that covers half of the screen) and the most powerful weapon that is present in all Unreal Tournament games.
   The gun comes with one piece of ammo and has the power to obliterate all your enemies with that one shot leaving alive only the player that used it.

SBC Cannon – Serious Sam Series
   Present in all Serious Sam games, SBC Cannon is an iconic weapon for the franchise. With two shooting modes, one that allows to shoot one cannon ball after another that pierce through some of the strongest enemies and the second mode allowing to charge the weapon and release a powerful shot, SBC Cannon is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and one of the most fun to use.
“Look at the size of that thing!” 

Fat Man – Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas
   Bearing the codename that was given to the nuclear bomb that was detonated over Nagasaki, the Fat Man is a mini nukes launcher (more like a catapult).
   The Fat Man allows the players to bombard an area with the precision of a mortar and the devastating force of atomic bombs, it is by far the most imbalanced weapon in the game and to balance this fact the ammunition for it is very rare.
   There are different types of Fat Man in the games, Experimental MIRV is one of the unique types of Fat Man and this particular weapon allows the player to shoot with 8 mini nukes at once, leaving the area you are bombarding flat(in the limits of the physics engine).

Smartgun – Alien versus Predator Series
   If there wasn’t a powerful gun for marines to use in Alien versus Predator games they would have been in serious trouble, well they still are but the Smartgun gives them a fighting chance.
   The Smartgun is a portable heavy machinegun which has automatic targeting, after the gun acquires a target it doesn’t let it go until the player turns the enemy into trash, basically the user of this gun has cheats until ammunition runs out (be careful, runs out freaking fast!).
   This gun can chew both predators and aliens without problems and can destroy your enemies in multiplayer as well, for those that feel cocky there is a firing mode which allows the players to pick their own targets, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you want to stay alive. 

BFG – Quake and DOOM Series
   The BFG is a weapon seen mostly in the singleplayer campaigns of Quake and DOOM series. The name of the gun is an abbreviation for Big Fucking Gun.
   The gun shoots huge balls of green plasma at your enemies, when the plasma ball hits a solid object it explodes dealing an insane amount of damage to enemies in the vicinity of the blast.
   BFG has a learning curve in order to be used correctly, because the weapon has a short delay from the moment players shoot until the gun actually fires the plasma ball. Because the gun blast does no damage to the player it’s indicated to use it in point blank to maximize the weapon’s potential and diminish the chance to miss your enemies. 

Lightsaber – Star Wars Series
   When it comes to Star Wars, games or movies, people think about Jedis and there are two things that make a Jedi what he is: the force and the lightsaber.
   The lightsaber is the most iconic weapon in the series and probably the most known sci-fi weapon world-wide. There is no point in describing what the lightsaber is because unless you lived in a cave until now, you should already know what this weapon does.
   A combination of the Jedi skill and force is necessary to transform the lightsaber in a deadly weapon which can cut through almost anything and deflect enemies’ laser shots with ease. In the hands of Revan or Kyle Katarn the lightsaber is a monstrous weapon that gives them the power to protect the galaxy and vanquish their enemies. 

Gravity Gun – Half Life 2
   You probably won’t find any lists or tops of things related to video games that don’t include something from the Valve universe, and this list is no exception.
   Hyped before release and for good reason, the Gravity Gun is one of the most awesome if not the most awesome gun ever seen in a game, giving the players a telekinetic like power which allows them to grab, move and throw objects(and showcase the beauty of the Havok physics engine).
   The Gravity Gun is such a versatile weapon and can be used in any situation, you can throw grenades or rockets back at your enemies, drop stuff over their heads, open new pathways for yourself and do so many more things. How many weapons allow you to throw a toilet in your friends head in a multiplayer match?
   Even if the gun doesn’t have the power to control gravity, it does have the power to defy it. Many copies of the Gravity Gun have been seen in games after Half Life 2, but just as the lightsaber is unique, there can only be one true weapon that can toy with gravity and that is only for Gordon Freeman to use. 

    Weapons like the ones in the list about make the difference in video games, they are fun to use and extremely powerful and can give you a fighting chance in tough situations.


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