Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Upcoming RPGs for PC in 2014 Part IV

Divinity: Original Sin

   Divinity: Original Sin a singleplayer and CO-OP isometric RPG developed by Larian Studios. The Kickstarter campaign for this title raised over 1,000,000 $ reaching some awesome stretch goals for the game: day/night cycle and weather have an impact on NPCs, monsters and spells; companions that have a full background story, personality and hidden goals.
   The game is set in the Divinity universe and presents the story of a warrior released from captivity and a mysterious woman brought back from the dead. Together the two characters form a team and their relation will take shape during the events of the game. An amazing feature to support the interaction between these two characters is a interactive dialogues system allowing the main characters to have arguments between each other and the way these arguments conclude will modify in a way the personality of your characters and the relationship between them. In the CO-OP mode of the game a player will control only one of the two main heroes and this could lead to some really interesting discussions between the player characters. (Talk about role playing!)
   Divinity: Original Sin has a turn based combat system with very in depth mechanics. In battle, players can move objects or destroy them in order to gain an advantage over enemies, tars can be ignited or wet characters can be electrocuted and so many other realistic things can be done that make the combat not only tactical but immersive as well.
   I have played the Alpha stages of this game and I can say it is looking absolutely beautiful, ignoring all the bugs that come with an Alpha version the game is so complex and has so many interesting mechanics I would need pages(wait for my review!) to say all the things that make me excited about it.

Pillars of Eternity

   Created by many ex-Black Isle developers, Obsidian Entertainment is my favorite studio, every time I see them announcing a new title my heart starts to beat at a faster rate. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw the announcement for Project Eternity, the name at that time, and its Kickstarter campaign.
   Pillars of Eternity is a RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment and which had a successful Kickstarter campaign that rose to over 4,000,000 $, being the first video game that raised this amount. Even if the game is not set in the D&D universe it is considered a spiritual successor of Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale series because it's inspired by the style and graphics of these old school titles.
   The game is using an isometric perspective and a real time combat with a party and a pause-at-will feature which resembles some of the old-school D&D RPGs. The players can control up to five characters, the main character being highly customizable.
   The story will explore mature themes and put the players in difficult situations when they have to make delicate choices which will have an impact on how the story plays out. The players’ choices will not only affect the main character but those around him as well, the life of your party and many others will depend on your actions.
   Pillars of Eternity is a new IP with a new setting, story, game mechanics, classes and many other features. Even if it does take inspiration from some older RPGs that were developed by Black Isle, Pillars of Eternity will have a fresh world which offers endless story possibilities.
   The visuals of the game are completely 2D and they are absolutely gorgeous and resemble the graphic style of Infinity engine games.
   Pillars of Eternity has the potential to be one of the best RPGs ever made and with guys like Chris Avellone, Fergus Urquhart, Josh Sawyer and Tim Cain involved in the production this game should turn out great.
I’m almost exhausted from waiting for this game and I hope we will have a release date announced for it in the near future.

Wasteland 2

   Wasteland was released in 1988 and it was the first post-apocalyptic RPG. Brian Fargo, the director of the game, founded Interplay Entertainment and continued the Wasteland legacy with the Fallout series, one of the most prized series in the history of this genre.
   In 2012 a Kickstarter campaign was announced for Wasteland 2, now developed by inXile Entertainment, which is Brian Fargo’s new studio. The campaign was extremely successful raising over 3 million dollars and being one of the most successful crow funding campaigns for a video game.
   Wasteland 2 promises to deliver what Fallout 3 could not, an old school RPG using a complex dialogue system with choices that have an impact over the story and the action of the game.
   The game will have loads of weapons to choose from each with strengths and weaknesses and an extensive skills system, this will allow the players not only to build a character based on their preferences and play style but also a very mixed party.
   The combat system is turn based using action points for movement and shooting and features destructible cover, the nature of the combat is very tactical and a fight could end using many different tactics, all of this from the good old isometric perspective.
   Some gamers might disagree with this, but Fallout 3 was a big let down for those who played and liked the original games of the Fallout series. Wasteland 2 offers exactly what most of the gamers expected from Fallout 3 an immersive world and a dialogue story driven gameplay with memorable characters, set in a different universe, and I hope it will succeed. This is the title I want to play the most from all the games that are going to be released in 2014.

   2014 is not just what looks like a  golden year for RPG genre but a year that can prove the full power of crowd funding, as many of the RPGs released this year are made possible with the support of the fans of the genre .

Titles like Torments: Tides of Numenara, Witcher 3, M&M X, Blackguards, Shadowrun: Dragonfall and some others are not on this list because they either have been postponed, their release date is uncertain or they have been released already by the time of these articles.


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