Sunday, April 6, 2014

Upcoming RPGs for PC in 2014 Part III


   For the fans of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic that have been waiting for a sequel or at least for a game with a similar style, Hellraid is the game to look out for.
   Developed by Techland, Hellraid is an action RPG with first person perspective, in which you fight your way through waves of hellish enemies in order to ensure the survival of mankind.
   The game will feature both single player and 1-4 players CO-OP mode with competitive elements and randomly generated maps.
   There will be four playable classes in the game: barbarian, rogue, mage and paladin each with their own play style and these classes will be supported by a wide variety of weapons and an advanced weapons crafting system.
Hellraid looks like the perfect game for fantasy and action combat enthusiasts.


Lords of the Fallen

   Lords of the Fallen is an action RPG developed by CI Games together with Deck 13 using the Witcher 2 engine. The game is somewhat inspired by Dark Souls series, using penalizing and timing based action combat which will tests the players reflexes and nerves to their limits.
   The game doesn’t advertise like a true hardcore experience, the producers saying that it has some arcade elements, but it is still going to be a very difficult game where players will have to understand combat and even memorize enemies’ abilities and timings in order to have a chance in defeating them.
   Even if Lords of the Fallen has a complete story with quests and NPCs like every other RPG, the main focus of the game will be the growth of the player from an inexperienced fighter at the beginning of the game to an experienced and well prepared warrior in the later stages.
   The game features three classes with a large variety of weapon types and a good AI which is able to use all kind of tricks in order to defeat the players. The game won’t skip on the technical part as the graphics and animations look absolutely stunning, some of the best I’ve seen in any game to date. It remains to be seen if these graphics will actually be in the released version of the game.
   Lords of the Fallen promises a strong and rewarding combat experience with amazing visuals and as the producers say, it strives to be as memorable as possible because most likely this won’t be a franchise.

Child of Light

   Child of Light is a game developed by Ubisoft Montreal that combines platforming and RPG from a side-scrolling perspective.
   The game tells the story of Aurora, a girl from Austria that wakes up in the mythical universe of Lemuria. Aurora must retrieve the sun, moon and the stars of Lemuria from the evil queen that stole them in order to be able to return home.
   The gameplay looks like a nice use of platforming which allows for exploration of the world presented from a side scrolling 2D perspective while being able to avoid enemies with RPG elements for a better character progression and a turn based combat.
The graphics look beautiful and artistic giving the game a painting-like style.
Child of Light looks like a bedtime story for all ages and I can’t wait for the release of this game as it looks very unique in many aspects.

To be continued...


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