Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Upcoming RPGs for PC in 2014 Part I

    In recent years there was a drought when it came to RPGs. The last year barely had a few RPGs that were worth playing and as a big fan of the genre this worried me. With the help of Kickstarter and fans' support some promising titles have been crowd funded in the last two years and the year 2014 is the release year for many of those games.
The launch year of the Kickstarter titles coincides with the release of some other quality RPGs which make the year 2014 probably the best one for this genre in a long time. At least for now, when we have hope that these games are going to be good and not a let down...
In this article I’m going to mention the RPGs that are most important for me and are yet to be released this year and I'm also going to say the reasons I’m so excited about them.

Lords of Xulima

   Lords of Xulima is a 2D isometric turn-based RPG developed by Numantian Games. The game was funded using Kickstarter and even if it only gathered 40,000 $, the funding was a success way over the initial goal.
   The game uses an isometric camera for exploration and a first person view for the turn-based combat phases, it will also feature 10 classes with over 100 skills to choose from.
The story will be an important element of the game with a story driven character and a world that has a full history from creation time to its very end.
Lords of Xulima wants to be an old school RPG in every aspect and advertises so, something that we don’t see much these days. This game is probably not going to appeal to everybody but if you are into old school RPGs this might be the game for you.


   Supergiant Games are the developers of Bastion, which was a great action RPG released in 2011 with a unique way to tell the story by using a narrator (with an amazing voice!) to present every action in the game.
   Transistor follows the same artistic style and story presentation as Bastion but is set in a new cyberpunk-like universe. The players will take control of Red, a singer who comes in the possession of Transistor, an intelligent and powerful sword.
The sword is the only weapon the player uses in the entire game, but as the story revolves around this sword and the action progresses more powers and secrets of the sword will be revealed.
   Just as in Bastion, the combat system will be action oriented but with an addition of a planning mode which allows the players to select a series of movements, by stopping time, which will then be executed at fast speed. This new power is bound to the sword and requires energy in order to be used, energy that can be recharged in time.
Bastion was one of the best RPGs of 2011 and I’m looking forward to play Transistor.

The Legend of Grimrock 2

   Legend of Grimrock resurrected dungeon crawlers and with its success it had showed other producers that this type of RPGs is still something the community wants to play. With grid combat and movement, the game is fast paced and tactical at the same time, while the puzzles, traps and secret areas keep the adventure spirit alive.
   The sequel will feature outdoor areas to explore, 22 new types of enemies, improved graphics, better spellcasting system with more spells to use, a new playable race and an additional class and a much more complex skill system for a better character progression.

   Dungeon crawlers are a type of RPGs that I want to see more of and with the success of the first Legend of Grimrock and potentially of its sequel this type of games might flourish again.

To be continued...


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