Monday, April 28, 2014

Dreamhack Open Bucharest 2014 Day Two!

   The second day of Dreamhack was as full as day one, lots of people came to see the DotA 2 finals or to take part in some of the competitions that were taking place at the sponsors’ stands and some of them stayed to see the Starcraft 2 tournament that started at 18:00, an hour later than the schedule, and ended around 2:00 AM.
   The DotA 2 grand finals was full of irony, Alliance beat Fluffy Bears (NaVi team made on spot with some players from Romania as they lacked three of their own players) 2-0 in the losers bracket and went to the grand final to face Cloud9 to whom they lost the previous day. In the final things went different comared with their previous encounter and Alliance’s experience in the final stages of other competitions combined with the greedy hero picks from Cloud9 made the difference as Alliance won 2-0 and claimed the big prize of 13,000$.
   The Starcraft 2 tournament continued with the remaining of RO36 on the offstage area. Some unexpected results occurred in this round: ToD beats Jaedong and moves forward sending YoDa and Gloden home; Zanster and Bunny take the first two places in a group with First and Patience and show the power of the foreign players; HerO loses the winners match and is facing Impact again and after winning the first series against him through a controversial 3rd game, Impact is now taking his revenge winning 2-1.
In RO16 things got even more exciting with Welmu putting quite a fight against Innovation, Bunny faces ToD and beats him 2-0 showing why Team Liquid picked him as one of their new players (still no t-shirt with his name on it) and in one of the last matches of this round we had a heartbreaking team kill between Jjakji and Stardust with the latter winning 2-1 after an amazing last stand in the 3rd game.
In RO8 the last two foreigners, Snute and Bunny, were eliminated together with the last two protosses in the competition leaving the semifinals with three zergs and one terran.
The grand final was Impact vs Life and Life shown his class in this match-up winning with an uncontested 3-0. Even if he lost like that in the grand final I would call Impact the biggest surprise of this tournament, nobody expected the 18 years old player from team Axiom to come this far and he had no easy road as he eliminated players like TY, MC, Jaedong and many others.
   It’s sad to see that some of the issues that were seen before at this event remained unsolved this year as well. The issue of trash cans was one of the most annoying and kind of disgusting problems, the event had several thousand people coming from Romania and other countries as well but the organizers of the event made a limited number of trash cans available for the visitors and by the end of the event there was garbage everywhere.
Another problem that might not seem that big but has an impact on the people who stayed to see the end of this event was the fact that the sponsors started to pack up the booths around the scene and go home while people were there still watching the games, this gave such a feeling of cheapness.

   Overall Dreamhack Bucharest 2014 was a great event, it was bigger and better than the previous ones with more things to see and lots of interactive contests. I hope the Swedish people from Dreamhack won’t change their mind and will continue to hold this event in Romania.

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