Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dreamhack Open Bucharest 2014 Day One!

   The most important e-sports event that takes place in Romania, Dreamhack Open Bucharest, began today!
   The first day of the event was crowded and packed with action, lots of games and small events from sponsors took place today.
    The most notable gaming events of today were the Dota 2 semi-finals and Starcraft 2 group stages.
   The Dota 2 games semi-finals took place today with Cloud9 being qualified for the final and Fnatic going home while Alliance and Fluffy Bears will play in loser’s final for a spot in the grand finals of tomorrow and a chance at the first prize of 13,000 $.
   The Starcraft 2 games played out up to Ro32 without many upsets. MaNa, Targa and TLO (one of the Romanian’s favorite players) sadly didn’t make it to the RO32, while Niroxs, roof, Lilbow and uThermal are some of the underdogs that surprised everyone with their performance and are now fighting on for a spotlight on the Starcraft 2 e-sports scene.
The Ro32 groups are quite balanced, each of the groups having at least two well-known players, sadly some of the top players who took part at this event will get eliminated from the tournament in tonight’s games. 
   Gaming and technology is not everything that could be seen today at Dreamhack, lots of cosplay characters and sexy girls were walking around in the hallways of Polivalenta Theater.
   I didn’t get to see the Steam controller that was supposed to be shown at this event, I’ve looked at every stand hoping that I will get to test it, but sadly it was nowhere to be found.
   I can say that the organization looks much better than the previous year, a larger area was made available for the event and there was a lot more room to move around. Also, more stands with game-related materials and food were present. Although the big scene position was changed providing more seats for the spectators, there is still room for improvement, but as it looks now the quality of Dreamhack Bucharest improves every year. 

Tomorrow is the second and the last day of this event and besides the finals of the tournaments a cosplay competition will take place. 

Dreamhack Open Bucharest!!!


Some of the top Starcraft 2 players present at this event.

The big scene.

Opponents having a friendly chat.

Team Liquid doesn't have money to make a t-shirt for Bunny :(


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  1. So many players, so huge screen, amazing...! What a nice tournament! (^o^)/~*